We love action--from wildlife to wild people--and the more color, the better! Our location in Stewart County, Tennessee, is an ideal place to record and preserve the recovery of almost vanished wildlife species as well as the traditions of the rural South. We welcome you to share our joy in doing this. Technical notes: We are constantly working to improve our skills and upgrade our equipment. Most of our photos are high resolution and can be greatly enlarged, but occasionally we upload a picture with less resolution than we'd prefer because of the interesting content. This is true in particular of two Great Egret pictures. If you see a yellow square containing an exclamation mark, this means that the size you have chosen is too large. Please downsize your choice or choose another picture. When you check out, you will be asked to choose a cropping method. "Crop" will take the content out of the original and produce a print without a border. "Fit" will include the whole picture, but it will have a white border. We usually prefer "crop" because borders are not the current fashion, but the decision is yours. If we include a picture of you that you would prefer we not use, please email us at realperson@sweetnsnappy.com with the location of the picture on our site and a description of it. Please include your phone number in case we need to call you. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy your stay. If you have comments, requests, or suggestions, please share them with us at realperson@sweetnsnappy.com. Enjoy!

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